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Prosthodontics Dental Centre

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Specialists in prosthodontics - Dandenong, VIC

Established in 2007 as the premier referral destination, we provide specialist referral services and support to the wider dental profession. Our clinical practice covers the full scope of fixed and removable prosthodontics; including implant treatment, cosmetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation and the management of temporomandibular disorders. We are familiar with and have worked with all the major implant systems. Furthermore, we perform all implant surgical procedures on-site for cases suitable for chair-side aid.

Dr. Mohammed (Al-Zubeidi) Ibrahim is a registered specialist in Prosthodontics with over 28 years experience in clinical dentistry.  He received his undergraduate degree overseas and practiced in both public and private clinics in New Zealand for 10 years before undertaking his postgraduate training in Prosthodontics at the University of Otago.

Dr. Jaafar Abdou is a registered specialist in prosthodontics with years of experience. Dr. Abdou, following his initial training in dentistry and a number of years in general practice, completed his specialist training in New Zealand. He has recently moved to Melbourne and for the last few years, he has been practicing prosthodontics. His experience has encompassed private practice duties as well as teaching prosthodontics.

Patients see us because they want restorations that look and feel fabulous. Seeing Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Abdou means that you can be assured of the most appropriate treatment coupled with the best materials to ensure optimal results. At Prosthodontics Specialist Dental Centre our job is to provide the highest standard of dental health care possible.